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On the first really hot day of summer, the last thing you want is to flip the switch on your central air conditioner only to find that it doesn’t work. Summer weather in the Southeast is uncomfortably humid and you need air conditioning! The inconvenience of a nonworking system can be avoided with air conditioner preventive maintenance.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Before summer, call and schedule air conditioner maintenance for your system. If you do not have a maintenance agreement, make sure your system receives an annual tune up. A trained HVAC technician will calibrate mechanical parts, adjust belts, check and repair electrical components, and replace missing or worn parts. In addition, air conditioner maintenance should include replacement of air filters. A system runs more efficiently when properly maintained.

Clean Ductwork The quality of indoor air depends on the cleanliness of a system’s ductwork. If there is mold, dust particles, bacteria, or harmful contaminants in the ductwork, this could make your family sick. Summer humidity is the perfect breeding ground for the growth of mold and bacteria. Be sure to include duct cleaning as a part of air conditioner maintenance.

Replace Air Filters Dirty air filters choke the life out of your system and summer weather adds to the system’s workload. Changing the air filter every month keeps dust, pet dander, and harmful particulates out of the air your family breathes. You can reduce the consumption of energy and help to prolong the life of your system by replacing air filters regularly. For the most energy efficient system, remember to schedule air conditioner maintenance before the summer rush for service. At Metro Mechanical, Inc., we make it affordable for you to purchase a new system, replace a failing system or maintain your current one. Give us a call at 770-388-0737 today to schedule your Summer maintenance before the Summer temperatures arrive.

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