5 Reasons to Check Your HVAC System Every Spring

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You’ve probably heard and seen commercials with HVAC companies recommending tune-ups for your system in the fall and spring. But you’re probably wondering if these tune-ups are really necessary and worth the cost. Checks in the fall ensure that your heating system will work effectively and efficiently when the weather cools down so that you’re not left stranded in the cold. But you know how important a well-running air conditioning system is in the Birmingham, Alabama area as well. Here are 5 reasons you should have your HVAC system checked every spring.

Better Efficiency

You’d be surprised by how quickly a system can become less energy efficient. Ducts throughout the home can begin to leak because of expansion and contraction, causing cooled air to leak into the attic and other areas that don’t need to be cool. Other small problems may reduce efficiency as well.┬áRegular check-ups ensure that every component of the system is in good repair and will do its job efficiently so that you spend less money each month on cooling bills.

In-Depth Safety Checks

Most homeowners know very little about their HVAC system and are unable to perform adequate safety checks. A professional inspection ensures that refrigerant levels and pressures remain consistent by monitoring levels and doing more than simply adding refrigerant. The only cause of low refrigerant is a leak, which can be a safety hazard and must be repaired in order to prevent further leaking. Checking refrigerant levels is one of many safety checks that are performed to ensure each component of the system meets safety standards.

Avoid Breakdowns

Unfortunately, breakdowns can happen at any time with no warning. There’s no way to know for certain how long it may take to schedule a technician to come perform the necessary repairs, especially during the heat and humidity of peak season. Breakdowns are much less likely when regular tune-ups are performed because small problems are detected before they become a much bigger problem that will cause a breakdown.

Prolong HVAC System Life Expectancy

A clean, efficiently running system will increase the life span of your HVAC system as well. This is because regular maintenance reduces wear and tear and prevents parts from wearing out prematurely.

Save Money

Better efficiency, preventing breakdowns, and prolonging your system’s life expectancy can all help you save money. The cost of a tune-up is minimal compared to the money you will save yearly on utility bills, as well as the money you will save by catching small problems early and avoiding replacement costs due to improper maintenance. Call us today to get your tune-up scheduled! We are the heating and air conditioning contractor Birmingham, AL area residents count on for quality service.

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